Dorothy Mankey, SHRM-CP 

Dorothy believes people can, and should, have the space to flourish at work. Dorothy likes to joke that she earned an “MBA” in Conscious Capitalism during her time as a Mission and Culture leader at Whole Foods Market, where she helped design and launch the Academy for Conscious Leadership.

Today, Dorothy is the founder of Coreisma Consulting. She teaches leadership development and works with teams, leaders, and employees across industries to develop critical skills for innovation, communication, influencing, and social-emotional intelligence. In tandem, Dorothy leverages design thinking and coaching methodologies to assist HR teams and leaders in bringing human-centered design to the employee experience. Although she rolls her eyes at the buzz term, she loves helping organizations prepare for digital transformation.

Dorothy is a rogue thinker, who can help you reimagine and introduce new ideas into the realm of possibility. Dorothy is a native Austinite, a mom, a triathlete, and a lover of puns.


Erin Ryan Mazcko

Erin Ryan Mazcko is a communications pro with 15 years of experience in HR and Communications.

Erin applies authentic, human-centered communication strategies to every challenge and is passionate about creating employee experiences that help us bring our best selves forward to do truly incredible work.

Originally kicking off her career in HR through a variety of HR and Talent Management roles, Erin earned a Master’s of Science in Communication from Northwestern University and transitioned to the corporate communications world after seeing the need for more authentic, meaningful, and clear communications in the workplace—and a lot less jargon.

With experience in a large global technology company and in leading virtual teams, Erin enjoys helping leaders and organizations motivate and engage their teams, foster commitment, and create environments where collaboration and innovation can flourish.