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2018 Fall Conscious Leadership Roundtable

Many of us strive to be the best leader we can. But today’s world is becoming increasingly fast-paced and for many leaders work is omnipresent. Although some companies knock leadership development out of the park, it is far more common that today’s leaders are left to figure out how to be a leader all on their own. 

Our Conscious Leadership Roundtable is a place you can build a community of other leaders. Leaders who understand the challenges you’re facing. Leaders who want to learn and grow in a shared space. Conscious Leadership Roundtable is for leaders who work remotely from their headquarters, leaders who are entrepreneurs, or leaders who are driven to take their leadership journey into their own hands.

Coreisma's Leadership Roundtable will meet weekly for 8 weeks, starting September 27th, 2018. Our fall session will meet on Thursdays at 10 AM, in Austin, TX at the WeWork Domain campus. Space is limited, the cost for the full 8-week session is $350. 

Sign up below for our fall session to save your spot. 

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Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind: Put Your Dreams to the Test

  • La Madeleine- Private Room (map)
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50% of people give up on their dreams- We are excited to guide you through a journey of self-discovery to find the tools you need within yourself to bring your dreams to life. With the right tools, a dream can be put to the test and pass. Your dream will become an inspiring vision of the future that energizes your mind, will, and emotions. We all have untapped potential within us, we will help you bring yours out and put it to use making your dreams a reality.

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4:00 PM16:00

Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle - Free Coaching Event

Are you a perfectionist? Does your fear of failure hold you back? Do you feel a lot of stress when you're under pressure? Do you spend so much time preparing and planning that you miss opportunities? Are you ready to learn some new tools to build your confidence and become more resilient in the face of adversity? 

Resilience is the ability to rebound from setbacks and adversity when faced with difficult situations. Everyone experiences setbacks. What makes resilient people stand out is that they anticipate the setback. They meet the setback head-on, they have the ability to withstand it, to stay positive and believe there is a path forward even when that path isn't obvious. It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s what you make out of what happens to you. It is how quickly you learn, bounce back, and move forward.

Join the ATX Success Coaching team for a panel discussion, moderated by Dorothy Mankey, SHRM-CP.

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The first 15 people to arrive will receive a 20-minute speed coaching session. Our team of coaches who will step up to face your challenges head-on and source ideas to build resilience in your own life.

The more resilient you become, the easier it will be to stay calm under pressure and bounce back after a difficult situation. You'll leave this event feeling empowered with new tools, fresh perspectives, and clear-cut action steps you can take to move forward with confidence!

About your Coaches:

Dorothy Mankey is founder and president of Coreisma Consulting, a strategic planning and leadership development firm that helps leaders increase productivity and find passion in their work. Dorothy’s mission is to help leaders feel happier, work smarter, and achieve more. See more about Dorothy at

Christie Hollis is a native Texas Austinite, a Transformational Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, & Hypnotist trained by the Empowerment Partnership and owner of Amplify Your Life Coaching. She enjoys helping people who feel like they are lacking a life's purpose find their joy & passion, so they can live their most fulfilled life. See more about Christie at

Alice Mar Rocher earned a Master of Adult Education and Human Resource Leadership Development from the University of Texas at Austin and has over twenty years of experience in Human Resources leading, coaching and motivating managers and employees to peak performance. As a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, consultant, and transformational breakthrough coach, Alice helps clients gain renewed energy and empowerment to take decisive action toward their goals.

Dr. Fred Blum is an expert and helping people live the lives they were made for. Dr. Fred has degrees in psychology and chiropractic, and he's helped people create amazing lives for over 25 years. When that deep inner voice calls and just won't leave you alone, he's your man. Find out more about Fred at

DeAnne Pearson, M. Ed. has more than fifteen years coaching experience in career and personal fulfillment. She takes great joy in supporting people in the change toward better careers and better lives. Find out more about DeAnne at

Ryan J. Schoenbeck, Ph.D., P.C.C. is a certified executive and mentor coach. Ryan works with leaders to expand their contributions and help create and amplify leadership with all those they contribute with around the world. He has been in business for over ten years, and he has worked, contributed to the professional development, and created innovations in organizations for over 33 years. Ryan has given 45 titled leadership and organizational development talks. He has taught 21 graduate and three undergraduate leadership courses in four universities. Ryan has convened global community leadership conversations for over 20 years. Ryan co-leads as the president of the International Coach Federation Greater Austin Charter Chapter. Explore more at

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Design Thinking for HR and People Leaders!

Join the HR Revolution: Use Human Centered Design to Transform your Employee Experience

We use design thinking to create new products and fuel our customer journeys—now we can apply it to creating employee experiences that excite, engage, and retain our teams too! If you haven’t heard the term “design thinking” yet, rest assured that you will soon. Design thinking is the concept that incredible organizations like Apple, IDEO, Pixar, and Airbnb use to develop their user-friendly technology, products, art, and more.

Those big-name companies understand that the way we work is changing. Shifting demographics and evolving technology is creating a radical shift in employee expectations as new generations join our workplaces. The way we approach human resources and people management needs to change too, or employees will leave our companies behind and move towards ones that offer more exciting and meaningful work experiences.

All this makes us ask:

  • What leadership can HR practitioners provide to support this shift in our work world?

  • How can we solve the complex problems facing our organization in new ways? The same-old-same-old isn’t working anymore!

  • How do we ensure that our companies build cultures, programs, and policies that excite and motivate employees, as opposed to confuse and frustrate them?

The answer? We use design thinking.

Join us for a one day workshop to learn the methodology behind design thinking (such as empathy and ideation), so you can start to transform how your team supports your organization. You will learn how some of the biggest organizations like Airbnb, Apple, and Pixar use design thinking to put their “users”—a.k.a. their employees—in the center of their creations to make services and products that delight their customers and engage their teams.

To learn more and to buy tickets head over to our EventBrite page...

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