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Design Thinking for HR and People Leaders!

Join the HR Revolution: Use Human Centered Design to Transform your Employee Experience

We use design thinking to create new products and fuel our customer journeys—now we can apply it to creating employee experiences that excite, engage, and retain our teams too! If you haven’t heard the term “design thinking” yet, rest assured that you will soon. Design thinking is the concept that incredible organizations like Apple, IDEO, Pixar, and Airbnb use to develop their user-friendly technology, products, art, and more.

Those big-name companies understand that the way we work is changing. Shifting demographics and evolving technology is creating a radical shift in employee expectations as new generations join our workplaces. The way we approach human resources and people management needs to change too, or employees will leave our companies behind and move towards ones that offer more exciting and meaningful work experiences.

All this makes us ask:

  • What leadership can HR practitioners provide to support this shift in our work world?

  • How can we solve the complex problems facing our organization in new ways? The same-old-same-old isn’t working anymore!

  • How do we ensure that our companies build cultures, programs, and policies that excite and motivate employees, as opposed to confuse and frustrate them?

The answer? We use design thinking.

Join us for a one day workshop to learn the methodology behind design thinking (such as empathy and ideation), so you can start to transform how your team supports your organization. You will learn how some of the biggest organizations like Airbnb, Apple, and Pixar use design thinking to put their “users”—a.k.a. their employees—in the center of their creations to make services and products that delight their customers and engage their teams.

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