Being an entrepreneur is lonely work, and it comes with many challenges. As an entrepreneur, we know that you feel pulled in many directions and often overwhelmed by the possibilities in front of you. Our signature strategic planning package is built to set you on a focused path to achieving your business goals. We use design thinking to provide insight and a fresh perspective to help you explore new possibilities. We ask the powerful questions that propel you to the next level in the creation of a strategic plan with clear objectives and key results. Finally, we support you as an accountability partner in the tactical execution of your plan. 

Do short-term business needs continuously drive your organization? Would you like to shift to a business that lives by purpose and values-driven leadership? We will help you unearth the mission and values at the heart of your organization. Over the course of several sessions, we will engage multiple stakeholders, assuring that the outcome is truly authentic to your organization. At the end of the process, you will have a mission and purpose statement and a set of values to serve as the foundation for leadership and culture within your organization. 

You are a seasoned leader. You feel confident in your skills and at the same time entrenched in your current patterns. You know you want to break out of your day to day rut and find new inspiration and new passion, but you aren't sure where to start. The day to day tasks of running your team are keeping you from the work you really want to do. This program will break the mold, shake things up, and help you to rekindle your passion for your work. We ask the questions that give you the insight to make big changes. Over the course of our work, you will embrace your strengths, and learn new communication and motivation tools that will allow you to become a more strategic and effective leader.

We know your dream is to work with a team of passionate, skilled, and knowledgeable individuals who work together seamlessly. The reality is, no matter how great each team member is they each have their unique perspective, decision-making preferences, and communication styles. Miss-communication, conflict, fear of stepping on other's toes can all impact team performance and the quality of the work you accomplish. Getting a group of individuals to come together as a high performing unit is our specialty.

Our experienced facilitator will work with you before the team build to understand the specific needs of your team and the challenges you are facing.  We will design a custom set of group work and activities targeted to launch your team to the next level.

Your team will learn tips for overcoming interpersonal differences, challenges, and conflict points. As a team, you will learn to recognize and leverage individual strengths and come together as a high performing team.

We offer multiple consulting services to bring your team and your organization up to speed. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about our organizational development consulting services.